Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Hidden Falls - Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

We call this place 'Hidden Falls'. It is not named on any map. The location is remote, the access roads tricky and obscure. The walk in is steep and challenging. It is hidden at the end of a narrow gorge that opens into a large, dark pool and the waterfall crashes 40m off the river bed above.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mt Yulladunida - Mount Kaputar National Park

Mt Ningadhun sunrise

the mood

Waking in the dark, disorientated after a deep, exhausted sleep of wild dreams, it seems crazy but it's time to get up. Caz unzips the tent fly to reveal a starlit sky, a thin sliver of moon hangs precariously in the west. I fumble for my head torch then reluctantly shimmy out of the warm sleeping bag and drag on extra layers of clothing. There is no frost on the ground but a southerly breeze feels like ice and before long my fingers are aching with cold as I prepare tea and coffee.